We empower female skateboarders to realize the careers they have only ever experienced in their dreams… 

Our mission statement is to Deliver on our commitment to our clients and their career objectives, by maximizing results for them and their sponsors, while creating unprecedented opportunities for them and our marketing and media partners at every opportunity. 


And with the top female skateboarders in the world, Yunexis Agency offers to brands, global and unparalleled reach through influencer marketing; bringing authenticity to youth and lifestyle marketing.


We understand all sides of a marketing plan, television shoot, or negotiation table. Yunexis Agency trail blazes the growth and development of all aspects of the action sports industry and Olympic movement. With substantial sports marketing experience gained from a decade at Street League Skateboarding, Fuel TV, Octagon, MAHFIA.TV, and Women’s Skateboarding Alliance (WSA), we’re one-of-a-kind.



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Optimize, maximize and transform your social media presence.

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Align with empowering female athletes to live the life of their dreams with sustainability and financial freedom.

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Match with only the most transparent, result-driven, experienced PR professionals.

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Be supported with award winning directors, videographers, editors to create one-of-a-kind branded video content.

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Reinvent your brand with unprecedented partnerships and marketing opportunities.

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Brands: Incorporate the best skateboarders and snowboarders in the world authentically and powerfully into your marketing initiatives.


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Once a professional snowboarder, Yulin is now an athlete agent and the founder of Yunexis Agency representing the top female professional skateboarders in the world. She is the V.P. of Business Development for Women’s Skateboarding Alliance, dedicated to authenticity and integrity in women’s skateboarding. Clients include ESPN/X Games, Dew Tour, Street League Skateboarding, and the US Open of Surfing. Previously, as part of the Wallace team at Octagon, she advocated for the world’s best skateboarders. Yulin was a live event producer at Winter X Games and developed the event marketing division at FUEL TV – activating at more than 16 live-televised Dew Tour stops nationwide. Olliver also built the event marketing division at Street League Skateboarding (Rob Dyrdek) and the Street League Foundation – filling sporting arenas with more than 16,000 skateboard fans a year. With a background in action sports television, Yulin revels in putting together story-driven, documentary-style sports content, like award-winning feature-length film ‘Gorging’ as an executive producer. She is a proud Bostonian and has an M.B.A. from Pepperdine University. In her spare time, she’s snowboarding, hiking with her pitbulls, and playing with her daughter. Yulin is a longtime friend of Stoked Mentoring and Skateistan; and she is a stand for for homeless dogs, wild horse preservation, education for girls in Tanzania.




Richie has an extremely unique skill set of being able to take huge amounts of video footage and boil into social media savvy short clips for Instagram or :30s pre-roll for advertising. Richie is a skateboarder and dabbles in photography as a hobby. He loves to film professional street skateboarders by  following with a hand-held camera on his own skateboard! Originally from Northern California, Richie currently lives in West LA. Richie graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography and currently works at photo agency Gloss when not working on Yunexis projects. Past clients include Hurley, 2HeadedHorse, Street League Skateboarding, ESPN, X Games and Fox Sports. When not at work Richie spends his time skating (as well as filming / shooting it), enjoying foreign cinema, and reading about aliens.

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Tyler is a sports agent, marketer and lawyer, whose experience and legal practice are predominantly in sports, entertainment, and advertising. Tyler has represented athletes, brands, sporting events, and production companies in all of these capacities. He has represented Olympic, X Games, and Dew Tour medalists and competitors; such as David Wise, Mirjam Jaeger, Noah Wallace, Jono Schwan, and Coco Zurita. Tyler implemented and executed the athlete marketing campaign for Gnarbox during its’ 30 day Kickstarter Campaign, that helped generate presales of over 2,500 units and raise over $440,000. In his free time, Tyler is an avid surfer, hiker, and skier. He remains active with his Alma Mater of CU Boulder by volunteering his time as the VP of Social Media for the Los Angeles Alumni Chapter and hosting fund raising events for its Athletic Program.




 Naomi has been involved with action sports for over a decade and brings her own unique experiences to the Yunexis family.  Her professional arsenal includes a wide range of experiences with companies such as Nike (WHQ), Mt. Hood Meadows, skate and snow specific non-profits, and with her current role at Vans (HQ).  Naomi has worn a variety of hats (in both front and back-end production) within sales, marketing, and an assortment of communication channels.  In her free time, you can find her cruising the skateparks, attending concerts and events, traveling, drawing, surfing, or snowboarding.  


Mimi Knoop"To say that Yulin has been instrumental in growing our business at WSA would be an understatement. Acting as our VP of business development, she has played a crucial role in expanding our client base and increasing our revenue each year since we founded in 2015. Perhaps just as impressive as her business savvy is Yulin’s unique ability to build harmonious connections between different people, brands, and organizations. The result is not only new opportunity for WSA as a business but also for every female skater that’s affected by the work we do."
Kim Woozy"Yulin has single-handedly facilitated MAHFIA’s growth in sales, brand development and strategic partnerships which we would not have accomplished without her unique expertise in action sports marketing and media sales . We’ve met monetary benchmarks, we’ve doubled our quarterly revenue and continue to rely on her input as our Dir of Partnerships as she evolves our business model to monetize our value. And as a result, we’re able to better activate around our mission to increase awareness of the stories and characters in female actions sports around the world today. From creating sales decks to producing fair and competitive rate cards to brainstorming with brands and seeing opportunities to creatively elevate both parties, Yulin is creative, goes above-and-beyond, and is well liked by her peers in the industry."
Brian Atlas"Street League was founded in 2010 and YuLin helped build the brand from the ground level as one of the original members of the team for the first 4 years. Yulin has an extensive background in action sports, event marketing, and building strategic plans that helped grow our footprint in every city we went to. Possibly Yulin's greatest success to date is introducing retargeted digital tactics to SLS – the most effective area of advertising we have engaged in. I recommend Yulin for any role that ties in marketing with action sports, skateboarding, or events. Her passion and drive is rare to say the least."
Dana Montgomery"Given the growing competition within the pet treat space in 2014 we decided to search out the right marketing group that could both enhance our brand and give added exposure to our growing product line. In the Fall of 2014 we were introduced to and hired the services of Yunexis. We did this based to a great degree upon the founder and managing director, YuLin Olliver’s, commitment and enthusiasm toward dog health, dog training, rescue programs, overall positive animal therapy combined with her background in working on the marketing side of youth directed brands. Over the course of these past 12 months Yunexis has done a terrific job in taking the company’s marketing efforts to the next level particularly in areas of B2C, social media, digital advertising along with the creation of original video content both for our website and social media. In terms of social marketing, Yulin and her team have been exceptional in putting together the Plato Wags Back program; a cause marketing campaign that has demonstrated who we are are as a family company in donating to dog shelters, rescues and aiding American veterans. The Yunexis Group is very hands on, creative, good ambassadors for our company and tireless workers. They get the job done for which we at Plato are thankful. “
Jake Munsey"Yulin solely developed and managed our winter marketing partnership program. Over the first two years, she effectively increased our promotional reach by approximately 25% at a fraction of the price most of our other campaigns cost. In 2008, she implemented a restructuring of our event marketing effort, markedly increasing consumer engagement, establishing real time data capture of consumer survey data and reducing expenses. Her interpersonal skills and emphasis on flawless execution has made event sponsorship one of FUEL TV's most successful marketing endeavors to date."

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Yunexis gives back

A portion of all proceeds support education for girls in Tanzania, wild horse conservation, and saving the lives of homeless dogs.

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